I'll never make it to the big time...

I signed up for Google Analytics on my blog a while back in order to see if there were any creepy people looking at my kids. I thought there would be a box that popped up on the screen and said "THIS PERSON, WHO VISITED YOUR BLOG AT SUCH AND SUCH A TIME, IS A DANGEROUS CRIMINAL, BLOCK THEM NOW!" But alas, there is no box that pops up with such dire warnings, and I am left to my own analytical skills.

Honestly I don't spend much time looking at all these things. I frequent the pie graph most:

All the people who come here from the orange piece of the pie are the suspicious ones. If I click on "view report" it pulls up a wealth of information that I know nothing about...but I never see anyone creepy!

I also like this world map one:

Most of my peeps come from Washington (Thanks Paul and Nan!) or Florida (Thanks Mom!). Today there was someone from Alaska, and I am certain that it was Sarah Palin, just checking up on me to see how the fam is doing! I am always excited to see that Gerald from Indonesia has been here, or Melanie from Guacamole (Guatemala) or Ana from Croatia, although they are less frequent flyers on my blog, I love to know they are around!

This line graph is the one that can get me in a tizzy! It can be exciting to log in and see how many people visited on any given day. Mondays seem to be good days for the ol' blog...anyone wanna venture a guess as to why? I used to post "Fun Stuff" on Mondays, maybe you are still looking for that?Over the summer I was up to about 50 consistent readers (I know, it is a minute fraction of what the famous blogs pull in, but an accomplishment for me none-the-less) now that I have stopped posting regularly there are much fewer. Which is one of the reasons I will never make it to the big time in blogland. My last post, was last month. Other various reasons, I lean waaaaay right, I talk about my personal life too much, my sidebar is totally out of date and has several dead links in it, and I don't have a "niche." Tip Junkie has a niche. The Crafty Crow has a niche. Sew, Mama, Sew has a niche. My family life is my niche and if I do a cool project I might post it, none of which adds up to a big name blog. My blog could use a new look too, I have tried to hire two different people to revamp it for me, and both of them have started the process and then ditched me in the middle of it...I am taking it as a sign!! The most people to ever visit in one day was...461! They came for this household tip featured on Tip Junkie.

And this one just cracks me up:

It is the list of most frequently visited posts. It took me a while to figure out that the top one represents those who just come visit my front page looking for the newest post. Then there is Merry Thanksgivoween, I linked that one up to A Soft Place To Land, and got 53 comments! I about died, it was awesome! Christmas Ornaments is the next big one, and Infarrantly Creative hooked me up there. Decorated Binder Clips is a popular one, thanks to Mod Podge Rocks! And the one that has me in hysterics is my mention of the lollipop guild lyrics, where I admit I don't know what the lyrics are, but people come here looking for them! If you are one of them here is a much better link!

Am I ever gonna make it big, nope. Do I care, maybe a little, when I am coveting someone else's good fortune (what a sinner)! But the reality is I feel like I have arrived when someone in my family or one of my friends mentions a post that they enjoyed from the blog. Thanks peeps for making it more fun to analyze my Google Analytics page and much more exciting than the pop-up box I anticipated!


Susan said...

Germany...checkin in :P (thought i would expand your cool map, pass the guacamole man...where's the chips?)
and you ARE bigtime in my book!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Susan you ARE def big time for me...I love you loads.....Mom......

Angie said...

I agree, you are bigtime :) I love your blog and have missed your frequent posts but I also understand as I have not been posting as often. It is that thing called LIFE. Being a Child of God's, wife and mom trumps blog :) Miss you!

ps. Wanna come to MOPS? It is going to be fun next month (as always)!

Anonymous said...

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