Household tip


(a glass shower stall)

Plus this:

(rain x, found in the automotive department, for car windshields)

Equals less of this:

(insane amounts of scrubbing your shower stall)

Isn't that genius? I wish I could take credit for it, but my cousin told me about it. And it seriously works, I haven't scrubbed my shower stall for two weeks and it still looks clean as a whistle!


Jessica said...

That's a great idea. I might have to try that on my shower door!!

Ben and Sarah said...

Oh that's brilliant! We use it on our cars but I never would have thought to use it on the shower! Wish I could take credit for this idea!

Jenny said...

Does it work on the tile too?

Ginger said...

Do you notice an odor after you put it on? I have heard of this before and have been hesitant to put it on because odors bother me. Doesn't it have a fruity smell?

Jennifer said...

You can also put RainX on all your windows & other glass & mirrored surfaces (except maybe the glass top stove) to make cleaning them easier!

julie_is_here_now said...

I too had this idea a couple of years ago.

You can use car cut and polish to remove build up on tiles or glass.

Another idea is when glass/tiles are clean and dry use a small amount of baby oil to wipe over. Also cheaper than rain X

Edie said...