Fun stuff...rainy day style...

  • jump in puddles with rain boots
  • jump in puddles without rain boots
  • sing in the rain
  • count raindrops as they land on your tongue
  • go for a walk in the rain, don't forget your umbrella
  • make a waterproof outdoor fort with tarps
  • take turns reading out loud in a favorite book
  • take a picture with your camera phone and send it to a friend...right now...and don't forget the silly faces!
  • spin tops, race the tops, see whose top can stay up the longest, bump them into each other, try to spin them on top of each other, try to spin them on your hand, on your knee, on your nose
  • go to the dollar store and each pick out one new toy, that should be good for a couple hours or maybe an afternoon of rainy day fun


Queen of the house! said...

you are so cute and creative....when its rainy here we just stay inside....and probably watch tv...lol

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