We represent the lollipop guild, the lollipop guild, the lollipop guild...

Thanks again to the Better Homes and Gardens email that my mom sends me, and thanks again to my mom for sending it!

(FYI--my title is from The Wizard of OZ, I always thought it was lollipop kids, until tonight when I looked up the lyrics. Who would've thought?)

What you need:
Hard candies like lifesavers
Bags to crush the candies in
Something to crush the candies with
Tin foil
Cookie sheet
We used some cookie cutters, but I don't recommend it
lollipop sticks

Preheat oven to 350. Unwrap and sort the candies.

Bag the candies and crush them. According to the kids, this was, by far, the best part of the whole project! According to me, it was the messiest.

Arrange the candies on the cookie sheets in patterns. Make the piles about 1/4 inch tall. The candy melted out of the cookie cutter and just became blobs, plus it was difficult to get the cookie cutters out of the goo once it had been melted. Also, make sure there is enough room to insert lollipop sticks once it comes out of the oven.

Bake at 350 for about 6 minutes. When it is getting close to time, watch them carefully. We left one batch in the oven too long and all the lollipops spread into one giant pool of sticky candy mess. When you pull them out, IMMEDIATELY, insert the lollipop stick and twist it around so that the candy is coating the stick. Then let them cool. They cool off pretty quickly and easily peel off of the foil. They are kind of fragile. We wrapped ours in clear favor bags.

One final thought, if you mix all the colors together it tastes like some really disgusting cherry cough syrup/moonshine combination. Maybe you like 100-proof cough syrup?

Okay and just one more thought, this was a very messy, sticky project. BUT it cleaned just as easily as it messed up. And it was worth the mess on the mess vs. fun scale.


Melissa said...

Hey, we did like this in the fall. only we used jolly ranchers and made edible sun catchers. I think I might have blogged them, not sure. they were fun and the kids loved making them. We made leaves and acorns. I always thought it was the lollipop gang! You know Jesse is part of the lollipops! If you watch the movie, he is the main one! ( I tease him about it all the time)

Vintage Mommy said...

Too fun!

Stephanie said...

This looks like fun!

Rebecca said...

Hi! Nope, I don't watch The Office regularly, have seen a couple of episodes. Why do you ask? I'm curious :) Office Space is one of my favorite movies.

Melissa said...

I guess I did not do them on the blog. We used metal cookie cutters and cooked them. We had to put oil down on the foil. If I remember, it wasn't super easy. But fun. PTA is going fine right now, haven't really sat down and done anything yet, soon I will.

The Keevy Family said...

Sweet lollipops! Thanks for your comment on my blog, I left a follow up comment and answered your questions.