It is so much easier to connect with friends that share my faith in Christ. Without it I am hard pressed to find common ground with old friends. Not because they are so different but because I am. I am a new creation, the old has gone the new has come. Most people from my high school, and early college years wouldn't even recognize me now.

I hadn't seen these gals in over four years when we were able to catch up with each other in Spokane for a day. There were no hiccups, there were no awkward silences or moments, we didn't skip a beat. The only differences were the six more kids we had in the last four years!

Of course, being surrounded by the flowers and trees and beauty that is Manito Park didn't hurt a thing! Manito is a favorite spot for all of us in Spokane. Reason #428 to miss Spokane is all the great parks to hang out in.

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