Ft. Walla Walla Museum

Ft. Walla Walla was originally a fur trading post, and then a military post and has had several different locations in and around Walla Walla. Now a museum, it is filled with historical artifacts and buildings.

Farm implements make me nostalgic. There were so many "tools of the trade" laying around the various places we lived as a kid the things we saw at Ft. Walla Walla brought up some fun memories for me.

This was a wedding dress with a 19" waist! The young lady who wore this must've been about 12, I am pretty sure that was the last time I had a 19" waist!

This is a one-room school house, preserved on the museum property. I was practically drooling over this one! Much of what we do here at home is modeled after a one-room school house as we have kids that span different ages and stages. It works great for us! It also added some dimension to my mental pictures of Laura Ingalls years in a one-room school house both as student and teacher. I LOVE that series.

My great-grandma, who will be 100 years old next month, remembers moving from state to state in a a covered wagon.

This was a fun "field trip!" I would recommend it to anyone looking for a day-trip and look forward to going to the Shakespeare Festival in Walla Walla sometime.

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