Every kid I know loves LEGOS. Every parent I know wishes there was a better way to sort and store LEGOS.

Not a day goes by at my house that the kids don't play LEGOS. The girls and the boys both enjoy them. But how they play them is completely different. The boys make forts, and mini-figures who battle it out in the forts. Or they make cars and race them all over the house or they reinvent the Star Wars sets and have space battles. It is always a competition or a war with the boys.

The girls however, make the mini-figures into mommies and daddies. They build sweet little houses and gardens. Haley builds cars that hold the whole family and goes to the grocery with them. And praise God that it happens this way! Boys and girls are different for a reason and I am thankful to see these God given differences in their personalities.

The little photo up there is one of Haley's LEGO babies. I find them all over the house and sometimes feel badly when I step on a baby, but the pain keeps me from feeling too guilty. These things crack me up, one little head on one little bitty LEGO. Pretty clever if you ask me.

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