These are pretty cool! You upload four photos here at a site called Fold Play (they have some other fun stuff on there, but I wouldn't let my kids peruse the site). Then print out a page with the photos all jumbled up, then score, then cut, then fold, then glue, and voila!! Your very own kaleidocycle, it flips around and shows a different picture each time you flip it.

Project rating:

Supplies--minimal, had on hand

execution--medium difficulty

mess factor--few scraps of paper

fun factor--finished product is great fun

learned by experience--must make good score lines, must let glue dry before moving on to each step, and especially before you play with it!! I used regular printer paper, cardstock would've been better. SCORING IS KEY!

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Carrie said...

Erf, I feel dumb. I went to the site and I can't figure out what these things do.

My baby ate my brain...