Building activity

We studied the story of the Tower of Babel in Genesis this week.  The kids built towers with crackers and peanut butter.  This is easily adaptable to any building or construction lesson.  

You need:
Plastic knives or spoons
peanut butter

really?  I don't think you need them.
Although I started by giving them the instructions in Spanish, to reinforce the fact that when God confused their language it was impossible to continue work on the tower.

Project rating:

supplies--minimal, easy to gather, had all on hand

execution--also very easy, kids needed little or no guidance to complete the project

mess factor--using the trays made clean up easier, kids hands and faces needed cleaning up (especially after Mikey tried to shove the whole tower in his mouth at once, see bottom right photo.)  overall, clean up was easier than I anticipated.

fun factor--definelty worth any mess

did it teach the lesson--yes, especially adding the directions in a foriegn language.

sidenotes--I highly recommend using trays underneath ALL your kids projects,  it is something we started recently and it makes clean up sooooo much easier.  I also gather my supplies on the trays so it is easy to see who has what and who still needs what.  We got our trays from a friend who works at the hospital, she just brought some that they were going to throw away (the trays were used to hold sterile tools) but I have also seen them at teacher stores and ones that are not disposable at walmart.  I love these hospital ones because they are HUGE and contain big messes.  And they wipe up easily.


Mrs. Dunbar said...

Sounds like a great activity!!!

Looks like you're my winner. On Friday I'll have my husband get you Moi's cd via iTunes.

Thanks for playing Christian.

Sheila said...

You're so creative with your kids! That's great!

You left a comment on my blog a while ago asking how I figured out Google Analytics, and I finally posted on it. You can see it here:

Anonymous said...

It does sound like a great activity and lesson! I love the spanish part of it too! Good thinkin! :)

Have a great day! :)