Family Friday!

Does my family know the way to my heart or what?! Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! For mother's day Michael got me the Pepsi and rented "Marley and Me," awesome movie. I also got to go on a shopping trip to Target all by myself!! Mikey got me the Snickers bar, he is convinced it is my favorite candy. Haley bought me the pink roses and Jeremiah the Dove chocolates. They each took their hard earned money and chose something they knew I would enjoy. I had the day off, no cooking or dishes or laundry. And my favorite part was the extra hugs, kisses and kind words. If only the whole world could only be as lucky (codeword for blessed) as me.
Jeremiah is sharing some of his breakfast with Ella, he really does take good care of her. He is a pretty compassionate little guy.

Water fight on Saturday, I told them they could fill up their guns in the faucet outside. This led to, two inches of standing water on the patio and three drenched children. Not what I had in mind at the beginning, but they had fun!

This was a slow, and uneventful week. We had to say goodbye to our house guest. Mr. Kisman is a good friend and we have no doubt that God brought him here to be a blessing to our family, to ease our transition and to remind us that true friendship knows nothing of distance.

Speaking of transition, this one has not been easy for us. Michael is questioning how well this job fits with our priorities, and so another change may be in our future. In some ways we are back to square one, waiting for some directive from the Lord. In the meantime we are trying to make the most of the time we are here, and feel incredible grateful for the generosity and the opportunity afforded by this job. Pray for us, especially for Michael. And in the words of my good friend "pray that the kids and I would be his number one supporters all the way through."

Hope your week was wonderful!

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jenny said...

Bless your heart...

Keep on "doing the next thing" as you wait on the Lord for direction and answers. :)