Family Friday

Big excitement around our house on Monday...Ella's first stitches!! She hit her head on the brick step outside our back door. Poor girl. She screamed all the way to the emergency room, and then was fine as soon as we got there. She screamed again the whole time they were giving her the stitches, I probably would too. The first place I went to was a little emergency clinic near our house, but it was closed!? It didn't open until noon, as if emergencies don't happen before noon?! So we loaded back up into the car and headed to the next closest place, it worked out great because it was a newer, cleaner hospital and they weren't busy at all so we got right in and right out!

Haley Pie is our squirly girl, which causes some problems for her at AWANA. We have been teaching and working and disciplining and praying and hoping and practicing self-control for a long time with Haley. We made a deal if she could get through the last 6 weeks of Cubbies without any trouble that she could go on a date with daddy...and it worked! She showed some BIG improvements and reached her goal, this was a major milestone for all of us, and she could only have done it with God working in her little heart, as this does not come naturally for her!

And I realized that I haven't posted anything about our house guest on my blog! Andrew has been staying with us since February, working with Michael. It has been nice to have a friendly face, someone to remind us of home. His being here got us through some of those first difficult weeks being homesick. God is good to send us a friend when we needed it most. Andrew is gearing up to return to Washington, we will miss him hanging around with us, and the kids will miss him too.

Hope your week was as wonderful as ours!


Carrie said...

Awwwww shoot! Poor Ella!!

jenny said...

Poor cute little Ella! I wonder if this is indicative of how the rest of her life will unfold? :) Do you have good insurance?

You were in my dream last night!

Jessica said...

Poor kid! Our oldest got staples in his head during Christmas break. Little bummers of life. ;)

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Poor Poor Ella. Im sure it was harder on you than it was for her. They bounce back so quickly.