Family Friday

This week started out with a visit from my dad, he was on his way home to Florida after a trip to the middle (Kansas). On my list of good things about living in Houston is the ability to see my family more often. We have seen them three times since we moved here in December, That is about 3 times more than I normally would have by now! I am kicking myself for not taking any photos while he was here, but the kids loved playing pennies with him (a game that is really supposed to be played with marbles) and Jeremiah would not leave Papa's side. As long as I can remember my dad has worn shirts with a single pocket on the front and it is always full of stuff, just like every other kid I know, Jeremiah had fun digging around in that pocket. If you are reading this, thanks for coming dad!

We also finished up with AWANA this week. Mikey completed his first Sparky book, and the review, quite an accomplishment for missing 6 weeks due to the move. And Haley pie also finished her Cubby book this year, in spite of playing catch up. She made improvements by leaps and bounds this last few months, we are so proud of her.

Haley was reading to her birdie friends at rest time one afternoon. Isn't that just so Cinderella-ish of her? Little forest friends perched on her shoulders. Jeremiah figured out how to be spieman (that is spiderman in Jeremiah speak.) by running around with a paper streamer cape. He thought it was awesome, he said so.

Hope your week was a wonderful as ours, and Happy Mother's Day tomorrow!

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