I done did read these...

First off...this is for RONI F...I will be saying some prayers for you! Keep my mom updated or email me so I know just what to pray about!

OH BOY! I have had some seriously awesome reads lately!

This is the second book written by Neal Boortz and Congressman John Linder, it is the answers to all the questions that come up after reading the original "FairTax" book. My dad gave me this book while we were visiting for Christmas. After reading it, I was totally energized and excited and had hope for our great nation again (at least economically speaking!)! The FairTax could single-handedly save our economy, even the current mess we are in. This should be a must read for every America-lovin' citizen. It is a voluntary consumption tax, that eliminates taxes on the poor, and generates revenues that we have never even imagined in this country, all while bringing companies back to the U.S. As if all of that wasn't good enough, The FairTax also makes government spending totally transparent, and removes politicians ability to manipulate the tax code to get votes. Sounds like a miracle, doesn't it?! I wouldn't go that far, but I would say that it is a change we can't survive without! I liked it so much that I signed up for the volunteer list immediately, this is a movement that needs our support, and needs it NOW! Best of all it is non-partisan there are so many things that appeal to the entire spectrum of right and left, it is GOOD for our country and anyone can recognize that. Here is the link to their website.

Second, and this is another book that got me totally stoked for the future of our country! (I was kind of discouraged after the last election, if you couldn't tell!) Mike Huckabee is phenomenal. His voting record is impeccable, at least if you are a conservative, his voting record is impeccable! Embarrassingly enough I voted for him in the primaries, because Michael told me to. I knew nothing about him. After reading his book, I will write him in for every Presidential election until he dies if I have to. I am a value-voter. There isn't anything I am more concerned about than sanctity of life issues and the like. (OH BOY, how many of you will stop reading my blog now?!) READ THIS BOOK! If nothing else, hearing his stories and realizing that there really is still a HUGE population of people in this country who love God and love America and love common sense, was super encouraging to me.

Lest you think I only read crazy right-wing political books, this one is by Elisabeth Elliot, and is called "Let Me Be A Woman." What an amazing lady. You can read her story here. She also has a great online daily devotional.
My friend Jenny (and possibly my daughter's future mother-in-law, at least if we have any say in it!) turned me onto Elisabeth Elliot. Her writing flows like poetry and there is so much scripture laced into every sentence. The woman knows her Bible, and isn't afraid to tell you what it says. This book is a series of letters written to her daughter, during the daughter's engagement period. It is chalk-full of wisdom for all women, married or single. I had to stop and read some of it twice in order to really get it, and sometimes it didn't even occur to me until later that she was referencing certain parts of scripture. That is how versed in scripture she is, it is just part of her language. Someday I want to be like that. There are lots of books on how to be a wife, how to submit to your husband that might be more nuts and bolts type of books. This one is all theory, but straight to the heart theory, attitude behind the action kind of stuff. It is also much more about depending on God to "be a woman," rather than trying to do it in your own strength, or by mapping it all out on your daily to-do list.
(Husband home, turn on smile. Husband walks in door, kiss him. Husband takes off jacket, hang it up and serve him dinner. Husband wants to watch TV, bring him bowl of ice cream...)

I read this one before, but it came up in conversation with this super-creative gal. And I wanted to recommend it to all the moms I know. This book "Say Goodbye To Whining, Complaining And Bad Attitudes" is grace-filled from the very beginning, and weaves it, very practically through every aspect of parenting. I learned lessons from it, for my own behaviors. The National Center for Biblical Parenting has a lot of great resources for families. Another one (which I am currently reading again, and enjoy very much) is "Parenting Is Heart Work." And one I want to read in the future is "Good And Angry, Exchanging Frustration for Character."

We love Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo's "Growing Kids God's Way" series. BUT it is a highly controversial book. IF taken out of context, and common sense thrown out the window, that series can be very legalistic. HOWEVER, if you really read the books and spend some time in the whole series, not just snippets of it, they are phenomenal books.


Jessica said...

Great selections!! I'm not really into reading political stuff, mostly because it just makes me angry. So, I probably won't be reading "FairTax."

At any rate, I will not stop reading your blog because of your enjoyment while reading Mike Huckabee's book. I voted for him in the primaries and I knew he was a great guy with great policies and a great voting record. He actually won in Iowa...but that didn't last long. I'm just encouraged to know that there are men like him still out there in the political world.I might get this one from the library (I've had Obama overload with his recent press tour).

And I love the Boxcar Children series. Fun books! Takes me right back to my childhood. I just hope I have a girl someday who I can read Nancy Drew with. She was so cool!!

Anonymous said...

Tuty, thank you for your prayers!! I am very greatful. Right now we know it is a lump in my breast and that is it. I chose to believe it is a cyst and non cancerous. I have tests on 3/27 and I will for sure let you know. I just want the lump to be non cancerous. I want to live another 40+ years to see my girls have babies like you!!
God Bless and Thank you!!
Roni F

ness said...

These look like some great books-thanks for posting them, I can't wait to delve into some of them!