I done did read these to my kids...

I didn't read this one to my kids, but I read it for my kids, and you should too. And again, it was recommended by my friend Jenny (are you getting why I want her to be my daughter's future mother-in-law? She knows a good book when she sees one!) The first half of the book is a great synopsis of why you need to read to your children, the advantages for your family, for their relationship with the Lord, and the lifelong benefits to reading. The second half is a list, broken down by age of "books your children should have the opportunity to experience while growing up" I am buying this book, it is a must for a mom to have at the library, and a must for any home school library.

We are actually listening to this one on a CD that I checked out from the library. It is a well written story, one of those that paints word pictures so well and makes you feel like you are watching it in your mind. But it doesn't totally personify animals, there is no hidden agenda from PETA, it is just a good animal story. And the kids are really enjoying it. Today we listened as the cat and the young lab, fought off a mama bear!

We also listened to this one on a CD checked out from the library. It was on our trip to San Antonio, we had kids in the car from 9 years old down to Ella. And they all thoroughly enjoyed it. We are loving books on tape right now. And I try to have something new to listen to in the car whenever we go out, car rides are so much more peaceful that way, and we can stop the book at any time to ask questions and to dialogue about what we hear so it isn't as if we are missing out on the fun of interacting in the car either.

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