Happy Birthday Mikey!

As per birthday tradition, Mikey got to choose what was for dinner.
1. Pork chops, with Shake-n-Bake
2. Mandarin oranges as a side dish
3. Ice cream cones with strawberry ice cream

Does anyone else have a hard time believing that we have a SIX year old? Because it is unbelievable to me. Has it really been SIX years since I brought this sweet baby home from the hospital? How is that possible? I don't even have words...

Mikey is a smart little fellow, he reads like a champ and can memorize like no body's business. Sometimes you can actually see him reasoning things out in his brain. He is very passionate, and wears his emotions on his sleeves. If he is happy, man is he happy. If he is angry, he is ANGRY all the way. We work hard on keeping those emotions in check, and pray that he will never lose that passion, just use it for God's glory. He is a great big brother and very helpful.

Hope you enjoy the video, this was his present from us. When we were in Spokane he learned to ride his bike without training wheels but it was a 12" bike, and it was a hand me down so it was too small and well used. Needless to say he requested the training wheels be taken off this new bike immediately. Haley used her own money to buy him a present and chose to get him some swimming goggles.

Hope your week was as wonderful as ours!


Ben and Sarah said...

Happy 6th Birthday Mikey! What an awesome bike! I bet he'll have a lot of fun on it!

Jessica said...

How exciting! His "first" bike! What a great birthday!

Angie said...

That is so great. What a big boy!

I loved the pics of your house by the way. Sorry it has taken me so long to comment - it has been busy. We sure miss you!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Mikey!

Tracy B. said...

Happy Birthday!
Just wait til you turn around and your sweet baby is a teenager and taller than you. It's a terrible thing! ;o}

jenny said...

Jared turned 6 in January, and it was kind of hard for me. It seems so old, doesn't it? Our boys are officially out of the preschool stage.