Fun stuff to do with kids

  • snow paint with spray bottles filled with colored water
  • build snow furniture
  • go ice blocking, sled down a hill on a block of ice
  • learn how to use a compass and then go practice
  • break a world record, or set a world record
  • make a paper chain (anyone wanna compete for world's longest paper chain?!)
  • make life-sized dress up dolls
  • glue family photos to popsicle sticks and put on a puppet show, or cut out pictures from magazines
  • play cards
  • write someone famous a letter
  • kiss your elbow
  • peel a banana with your feet


Mrs. Dunbar said...

Peel a banana with your feet? Oh, you have so got to put that on You Tube...

Jenny said...

Do you make these up on your own? You always have such great ideas!

Jessica said...

The snow paint idea is so cute. How fun. We'll have to do that this afternoon. And maybe not yellow snow paint. ;)