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Yes, we live on a budget, and it isn't a dirty word around our household. We have some financial goals and the only way we will ever meet them is by living below our means and saving the rest. One of the ways I save money is by using a service called "The Grocery Game." It is a service you pay for, which might sound silly, paying for something so you can save money? But it costs less than 2 dollars a week and I save WAY more than that, the first week I saved $65. She finds the good deals each week for you, and matches up the coupons with the sale prices and so often you can find things for free or up to 80% off. It isn't just for coupons either, it includes regular sale prices.

I have a friend who does all of this research on her own and blogs about it, often posting the great deals on her site. All Together Beautiful is her site. She also has great tips in other areas, not just groceries.

And finally, how to do Valentines on a dime! I subscribed to a newsletter called "Living on a Dime." I heard about it when a friend gave me a cookbook called "Not Just Beans!" I like the cookbook, and the newsletter. This week she is giving away a free e-book about doing Valentines frugally!

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The Keevy Family said...

I am glad the Grocery Game is working for you, I finally went and figured out how that works! I might use it, but right now I just mainly like to shop at Albertsons and Walgreens unless someone else has a really great deal. There are so many people out there that post the best deals on their blog. I don't have the time to do that, but I benefit by others doing it!
Thanks for the link. :)
Where are you living now? I am so confused. I know you moved and I thought you moved from Spokane recently, but then again the last time I saw you, you were moving away from Spokane (2006) Could you of left and come back and left again???