Family Friday

We went to bed around midnight last night, we were up rockin' and rollin', partying like there was no tomorrow. All right, we were putting a puzzle together, but that sounds so boring doesn't it?!

Yesterday I made a pact with my friend. We would both get up by 6:00a this morning and get ourselves ready before our kids got out of bed, do you see where I am going with this? Went to bed at midnight...got up before the sun...what a bad combo! (Ella and Haley and Mikey were all up in the middle of the night last night too, so that adds to the problem.) I am a little behind the curve, a little slow on the uptake, dragging, lagging, sagging, TIRED! So when Haley asked if I wanted to play beauty shop instead of do our chores, I was all for it!

Here is her beautiful do...

And when it was my turn, I leaned back in the computer chair...

propped my feet up on the rocking horse, and fell asleep!

I woke up to Jeremiah bringing me some food. I have no idea how long I was asleep, but long enough for the kids to give me this "hair design."

And the whole time I was pretending that this...

did not exist. But it does exist, and so now, I will go get busy!

Here is one of Ella, just for good measure. The fog is a fingerprint on the lens of my camera...go figure.

Hope your week was as wonderful as ours!

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Carrie said...

That looks just like my living room, which I pick up three times a day. *sigh*