Family Friday...late again!

My camera batteries are dead. I am waiting for a coupon to buy some more...cheap, I know. So I have no pictures for you this week. Sorry Mom. I will share some funny things the kids have said and done lately...

  • Mikey said he was freezing, and that is was too cold to play outside last week. It was 60 degrees, I think he is acclimated already.
  • I asked Haley what her favorite part of the trail mix was and she said "the enemies," meaning, the m&m's
  • Haley was looking forward to seeing the pigs at the "zoo park" and was so excited because pigs are pink and she just loves pink animals.
  • Mikey is having a growth spurt and will eat anything in sight. A couple of weeks ago we went to chik-fil-a for dinner and when he was done with his kid's meal asked "Mom do you have any scraps left? I am still hungry?" You would think he is growing up in a third world country.
  • Every time I turn around Ella is standing up in the middle of the room somewhere, she is just about to take off walking.
  • You might remember from a previous post that Jeremiah was stealing candy when we weren't looking. Well, he has started to involve Ella is his criminal activity. A few days ago we caught them in the pantry. Jeremiah was unwrapping the candy and sharing with her, how sweet.
  • And a small victory we had this week...while stuck at Costco for FOUR hours waiting on tire business, the kids were phenomenally good, all four of them. They got a lot of compliments on their behavior and I was so proud of them, as a matter of fact if I had been wearing a button up shirt, the buttons might have started popping off!
Hope your week was as wonderful as ours!

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