4x4 tag

Mrs. Dunbar tagged me to find my fourth photo album, and post the fourth photo out of that album, then tag four more people.

My four people:
Cookie Mondays and Ice Cream Sundays...if you are out there, I miss your cookie recipes, send me an invite!
The Barta Clan
Never In One Place Long
Weaver Wonders

My photo:

This was Christmas 2005, which we were celebrating in January of 2006. This is Mikey and our niece, then our nephew and Haley. Haley Pie has grown so much, I miss those little piggies!


Angie said...

I may be making this too complicated but I don't have photo albums. They are stored by year and month...

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Hooray!!! I am so glad you played. Wasn't it fun to go back and see what was in those old folders?