B.A.R.F. Night

I wish I had pictures from B.A.R.F. Night, it was HILARIOUS! B.A.R.F. stands for Be A Real Friend, Bring A Real Friend, and we did it for AWANA this year. Keeping true to the name, the kids bring their friends and then we make them do some gross stuff. This year we had the mud/worms/dirt pudding cups, chocolate pudding with crushed up OREO crumbs on top and then some gummy worms coming out of it. I thought I would share the games with you, as they were so fun, maybe you can use them somehow.

We had them dig through bowls of alphabet soup with their bare hands to find letters and spell words like snot, and puke, and barf.

They had to do a baby food relay. Each player had to run to the end of the square and take a bite of baby food then run back and tag the next person. I was so surprised at how much the kids resisted this game!

There was another one with chocolate sauce and marshmallows, one person stood on a chair and tried to drop the dipped marshmallows into the players mouth who was laying on the ground under the chair.

And finally we sent them home with B.A.R.F. bags full of candy. This was the Wednesday before Halloween so it tied in well with the season, without having to deal with costumes and stuff.


Jennie said...

that is such a great thing for kids.,.. my daughter went with her freinds to their church and partici[ated in AWANAS... sounds like a great party...

Mrs. Jones said...

When I saw the title of this post, I think you were going to talk about everyone barfing. I am glad it wasnt about that. We have had our share of barfing the last couple weeks. The only two spared were Chris and Madeline. So are you packing all your things? What is a good address to send Christmas cards to? I am getting them read to send out. Love, Becky