Ode to my husband

Apparently I gush about my husband on my blog? Seriously, if you were married to him, you would too! Recently, after gushing about my husband to a friend, the friend said to me "Save it for your blog, you can call it, Ode to my Husband!" I took it as a challenge! Here you go Matt...
You should google "how to write and ode" and see what comes up! Who has ever heard of iambic pentameter and abacdeblahblahblah rhythm? Maybe in one of my college English classes at some point (10 years ago) there was mention of this stuff, but right now the poetry I read is mostly mother goose...anyway, here is my cheesy attempt...definitely not in my comfort zone!

Ode to my handsome husband Michael D.
If you only knew how much I love you
Is it because you wash dishes for me?
Is it because you help me fold laundry?
Is it because you mow and weed the lawn?
Or because you are such a hard worker?
Yes, but more, so much more than even those.
It is because we make the cutest kids!
It is because you make me laugh out loud!
And because you always kiss me goodnight.

Ode to my patient husband Michael D.
True, you are known as "virtuous since birth"
this quality is quite easy to see
in the way you deal with little ol' me
attentive, not unconcerned with my needs
available, not self-centered with your time
cautious decisions, family in mind
enduring every word, though bountiful
dependable and help to those who need
though I am not wise you are that indeed

Ode to my family man, Michael D.
diligent and a hard worker each day
you provide above and beyond our needs
you provide a place to be safe, secure
you provide the ways to live our hopes, dreams
you provide me with washing in the word
self-proclaimed a simple man, I say not
I couldn't find a more good-looking guy
I couldn't catch a more patient man
I couldn't choose, for me there's only you

Now here is my challenge to all of you, write one stanza of an ode to something you love.


Mrs. Dunbar said...

No stanzas or poetry writing here, but I just wanted to tell you that was awesome. I love it when wives praise their husbands. We should do it more often. Good job.

Tracy @ our Journey said...

Well...okay. I will try...

Well...honestly, I worked on this for about 10 minutes!

Seriously...I really did. It sounded dumb so I deleted it, I couldn't bring myself to subject you to something that horrible. ;o}