Family Friday

Oh, this boy! I should have known right then that Jeremiah would be our class clown! He will do anything for a laugh! This kid has such a jovial personality, happy all the time.

Jeremiah turned two at the beginning of this month. We had a little family party for him in Kennewick. It is a rare occasion when he isn't dragging his blanket around, he likes the minky stuff, and sucks on it. Then the blanket gets all stinky and we have to wash it. Fortunately, we have two to rotate! He is pretty attached so recently we had to limit the "wubby" (Mr. Mom anyone?) to bedtime only.

He picks up on stuff very quickly, I think it is from watching his older sibs. When we are doing chores or cooking or playing in the backyard, he just joins right in. He also likes to help mommy, and takes instruction so well.

Jeremiah is also our cautious one. Really, he is afraid of everything, cats, dogs, airplanes, new noises, new people. We pray often that as he grows he will depend on the spirit of courage that God has given us.

He is a great kid, I am so thankful for him!

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