Family Friday

All the kids are so loving towards Ella, especially Haley. Big sister tries so hard to make Ella smile and giggle, then when it works, you can see the joy in her eyes, it bubbles up out of her heart!

I am trying hard to make bookworms out of my kiddos, I think it is working, time will tell! Sometimes we read so much in a day, my throat hurts!

Sweet Ella fell asleep in her swing.

We had appointment after appointment this week. I am trying to squeeze in as much as I can before our military health insurance is over and we have to start paying for doctor and dental visits. Have you ever taken 4 kids to the dentist before? It is an adventure. Haley loves to look in the mirror after visiting the dentist to see if her teeth "twinkle!" She got her 4 year old pictures taken this week, only 3 months late. Ella, however, got her 6 month pictures, during her sixth month!!

Hope your week was as wonderful as ours!

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Vintage Mommy said...

I'm laughing, because for the last 3 weeks in a row, I've taken all four of my kids to the dentist alone (meaning, without help--are mommies ever really alone?).