I got mail!

Amy at The Kings Table had a great 100th post giveaway, and I WON IT!! I have this knack for not winning stuff, and unless it is something really cool, I don't usually even try(Maybe that is why I never win?). BUT, I do have some form of luck because whenever I take a friend somewhere (like a crop) my friends always win the drawings! I am the gal to go to places with where there will be prizes that you want to win!
I hung it up in my bathroom, which is still decorated in "early married, whatever people give you style." It makes me want to redo my bathroom in all black and white. Thank you Amy!


Vintage Mommy said...

How exciting!

Makes me want to do a give-away post of my own, seeing how it makes others so happy.

Anonymous said...

Glad you got it!! Enjoy! :)

M@ Nelson said...

While you're on a hot streak, try for this!

ESV Study Bible Giveaway