Prego brain

This is not an announcement that I am pregnant again, let us just get that out in the open right now! Once you have had a couple of kids, even a slight complaint of hunger pains, headaches, or cravings causes everyone to ask "Are you pregnant again?"

Carrie and I had a lovely convo about prego-brain and decided we should Mr. Linky pregnant brain stories. Given my complete and total lack of computer skills, we also decided she should be the go-to-gal for the linky-thingy. Go here, and post your story.

I have sooooo many from which to choose. It is either because I have been pregnant four times or...well, we just won't go there.

For Christmas I sent all my nieces and nephews presents out with tags that said "From Uncle Christian and Aunt Michael."

I sent Mikey's birth anouncements out with the wrong birthday.

Locked my keys in my car, a couple of times, in the same day.

Lost the phone for a few days, and found it in the freezer.

Go here, link your story. They are so funny and fortunately, we can all relate!

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Vintage Mommy said...

Wow! What a great idea. I'd post, but I really don't remember my "prego brain" stories. How sad is that?

In response to your comment, yes, I am doing better now. I had bone and tissue grafting done in my mouth and I couldn't talk very well. By Wed. night, I knew I wouldn't be up to teaching on Friday morning. Thanks for understanding and for getting a hold of Crystal.