Houston pics

Okay, finally pictures! Hopefully my computer will be kind and let me finish this post before shutting itself off again!

This is our newest nephew, he and his mommy flew from Wichita KS to Houston to visit while we were there. Man is he ever cute, and it was so sweet to hold a little sleeping baby. He is still in that small, scrunchy stage where they just fit right on your chest, love it.

We went to the Houston Zoo and this is Jeremiah watching the fish. Fish was one of his first words and he says it like this "fsh." Cute.

Mikey and the cousins.

Couldn't they be brothers? Someone did stop and ask if they were twins. I should've said "yeah, but they were born 2 years apart." I think the lady might have believed me.

Ella started crawling for real while we were there, and she has gotten really good at sitting up on her own, and she started pulling up on stuff this week too. Man am I in for it or what?!

This one was from the Butterfly Conservatory at the Natural History Museum. I thought Haley would love this place, and she did, but so did I. All those butterflies were so cool, I felt giddy like a school girl. It was very Fancy Nancy-ish. On a side note, if you have a little girl, you must have the Fancy Nancy books.

Uncle Michael and the new cuz.

Our poor kids want a pet so badly. And as anti-pet as I am right now, these dogs almost broke me, they were so friendly and quiet, no shedding, no stinky dog smell. Exactly the opposite of Cooper. (For those who don't know, Cooper was our old dog, I could write post after post of his misbehaviors, we kept him around about 6 years too long...)

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Parkers said...

Hi Christian ... I know you through FBC MOPS, although I don't know if we've officially met or not! I just left a comment on your MOPS blog too :) I just had to let you know that I have been keeping my eye on those Fancy Nancy books! They look like sooo much fun for little girls! I hadn't known any one that had read (liked or disliked them) so I'm glad for the recomendation :) I can't wait until Zoe is old enough to read them!