Angie and I are racing to see who can blog about MOPS first, and I think I win! Wahoo, nothing like a good competition!

There is no way to express how encouraging MOPS has been in my life. When I found out I was prego with Mikey it was a HUGE surprise, I wasn't trying to get pregnant, I wanted to wait at least 5 more years, and I. was. not. ready. And without MOPS I might have turned into one of those bitter, mean moms who resents her children because of all the time and energy and money you have to shell out for the little darlings. Instead the ladies at my MOPS group have been quick to remind me how fortunate I am to have children, that they are God's blessings on my life, and that they need a mommy who cherishes them. There is no more important job in the world than being a mom, and God chose me to take it on! Incredible!

Today was no different. We started a new year at MOPS and with it came a reminder about our attitudes as moms. We really do set the tone for our homes, don't we. "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." "Happy wife, happy life." Instead of using those phrases as ammunition for our children and our husbands to maintain our personal happiness, why don't we make it our own responsibility? How do you think of your family? Blessing or burden, opportunity or obstacle? If you are stuck in the negative rut, go to Jesus, confess your sin and your inability to do it alone, he will meet you there, he always does. I wish every mom in the whole world could come to my group, and hear our mentor moms speak.

If you are MOPS mom, leave me a comment on how spectacular it was to start a whole new year! I love going there and feeling like everyone knows exactly how I am feeling, because we are all in the same boat! The hot breakfast and free childcare aren't bad either!


joyfuliving said...

amen right back atcha'! :)

i have heard lots of wonderful things about you and feel blessed to get to share a table with you this year. i am also honored to add you to my blogroll. :)

ness said...

Hi Christian-visitng your site from Angies blog, I met you in the craft line today and told you I read your blog, so I guess I should leave you a comment:)

I am loving reading about how excited everyone is about MOPS today. It was great.

I am so glad that God has brought my family back to Spokane (after living in Seattle for 10 years) I love all the people and moms that I have met here and MOPS is just so encouraging. Looking forward to another great year and getting to know even more moms!


Angie said...

You win. I was going to find you and take your pic so you could put it on your blog but it got too busy. I agree with all you said. It was wonderful!

Melissa said...

I too was going to blog about MOPS and how much I just love it! But I was waiting until my first day this year... and I am still patiently waiting and waiting! I am so ready for my MOPS group to start! I miss you all from my old MOPS!

Kjersten said...

Hi Christian...I was also sent from Angie's blog. MOPS is a blessing to me as well! Thanks for your post! It energized me as we continue to get ready for our first MOPS meeting next week (in Orange County, CA)! Yeah MOPS!

Mary said...

Mops was aweseome yesterday, so many new moms, such an great message - Totally worth all the work!!!


Parkers said...

I was totally encouraged by Vickie's talk on Wednesday morning! I need to be reminded to keep my perspective right ALL the time!!! It IS such a blessing to have such godly and transparent mentor moms in our MOPS group! Praise God!