Puff paint

You need:
4 tablespoons self-rising flour
4 tablespoons salt
food coloring

Mix the dry ingredients together and then add water until it becomes a thin paste, divide between different containers and color with food coloring. Paint onto your picture/paper with a q-tip. While it is still wet, microwave it for 30 seconds and it will puff up.

This was fun, and I got the idea here. If you click on my bottom photo to make it larger you can see the results better, it is pretty cool. The kids liked it too, but it didn't hold their attention as long as I thought it would. Maybe it is because we have a friend spending the night?

Three things to know beforehand, if you want bright colors you have to use A LOT of food coloring, I used between 10 and 12 drops per little muffin cup. Use the muffin tin instead of a bunch of little containers, easier for cleanup. I didn't want to use paintbrushes in case it dried to hard to wash out, but it cleans up very easily, especially if it is already dry, it just flakes right off, so next time we will use brushes or sponge brushes.

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Tracy at Our Journey said...

Wow....I will have to try that with the kids at church....they love making messes! lol