Family Friday

Ella Rose is almost 7 months old now! Isn't she cute?!

When we chose a paper out of our fun jar, it said, "Take a picture of a silly face, then email it." Blogging it counts, right? Of course it does. One day the kids and I were in the van running errands and Mikey said "Mom quick! Look at Haley's angry eyes!" I turned around and saw that she had figured out how to cross her eyes. It was so tempting to say "If you do that too much, they will get stuck like that!" But I didn't, because it was one of my favorite things to do as a kid, and mine never got stuck.

And this is Mikey's silly face, the rolled tongue. My kids are so talented! Yesterday we went to the park for some bike riding practice. As he was going around the little sidewalk circle, I saw him start peddling to beat the band, as fast as he could. Then he drove his little bike over an eight-inch drop into the bark, and into the play area. After he stopped, he stood up and said "Did you see that mom? I jumped my bike, I really did it, I JUMPED IT! JUST LIKE IN THE BIKE SHOWS!"

This is in Riverfront Park, a favorite place in Spokane. Man, they are cute!


Vintage Mommy said...

I agree...they are pretty cute!

We love going to Riverfront Park, too. And, yes, I have been down the wagon slide. ;)

Your fun jar idea sounds great. My kids would probably enjoy that.

Carrie said...

I really need to start with your oldest posts and work my way up. "That's where you live, right?" What a dunce!! " )

Rose is my daughter's middle name! We are like twin sisters separated at birth! Except you are skinny and I am not. Thanks for giving me all the food in the womb, sister...