Bandana Crafts

These are clearly not my own ideas, I don't actually have any of those! I kiped them from Grace Violet...here...and here. I think it says in one of her posts that she got them from Martha?

I did change the apron up a bit, by putting some little darts in the top. The dart idea came from a blog called "Fresh From the Chari Tree" which I can't find now. Otherwise it is just sewing the bias tape across the top. I sewed it on with a zig-zag stitch from one end of the bias tape all the way to the other, with contrasting blue thread, It took all of 20 minutes, but I am sure that now it would only take about 10 because I got the dart thing figgered out. I gave it as a thank you gift with some personalized recipe cards from Design-her Gals.

I am full of ideas for ways to use the little drawstring bag. It is black and orange because one of my ideas is trick-or-treat bags. I want to do some red and green ones for Christmas treats, and put these mini-pies in them. We will see if I ever actually get to that one since we will be in transit over the holidays this year. Either of these is very easy to do, especially for newbie like me!


Carrie said...

Cuuuuuute apron! I have to use full aprons though because I'm a little top-heavy, ifyaknowwutImean.

Yeps, I really was an opera singer! I love the fact that I can sing for fun now, although I need to start singing more again one of these days.

As for feeling dumb, from the moment I became pregnant, I got stupid and it hasn't gone away! If you only knew....

Michelle said...

those are the cutest little bags! They will make wonderful treat bags for halloween! I've got a sewing machine just sittin' in the closet I may have to drag out!

Vintage Mommy said...

Ha ha! That's my apron!!!

...I'm trying to make all of your blog readers jealous.

Charity said...

Cute apron! I'm glad you could use my idea! (I know this is an old post, but I found it searching my blog name in blog search.) :) Happy sewing!