Beth Moore Conference

The opportunity to see my friend Janet, came when she told me she was going to be in Billings, MT for a Beth Moore Conference. Thinking it was about half way for both of us, it would be a great way to see each other once again. So I sent out an email asking if anyone would go with me. I didn't think anyone would respond, but my mother-in-law and my friend Crystal both agreed to go. So last Friday at 8a we gals hopped in the car and headed to Montana!

The drive was beautiful, now I know why they call Montana "God's country." The mountains were glorious, just starting to turn their fall colors, but with lots of green left.

We also figured out why we don't usually road trip without our husbands. When we thought we were about an hour away from Billings, Crystal looked at her phone and made a comment about the time change, something like, "Montana is an hour ahead of us, huh?" Then it occurred to Carol that we didn't take this into account when we were planning our drive time, oops. So with only one hour to make it to the conference, but almost 2 hours of driving left, Carol stepped on it! We made it to the conference with about 5 minutes to spare, and we stopped at a rest area to change our clothes along the way! That is some haulin'!

Beth Moore was awesome! I have never done one of her studies and didn't know what I was in for. She is so lively and passionate. I love her story. She talked to us about Isaiah 32:1-8. It included getting a new plan for our lives, God's plan. The whole conference was very applicable, but the most practical was the very last portion. She said that "Our intake (from being in the Word and prayer) has to be greater than our output (service, ministry), otherwise we are running on our own human, fleshly strength instead of the power that God gives through his Spirit. There were four ways to tell you needed to stop and take some time with God. 1. If you are doing your ministry without feeling it, just going through the motions because you have to, not because you want to. 2. When you start feeling like "I am the only one..." (insert, the only faithful one, the only one who does anything, the only one with a vision...) 3. Stuck in a stronghold of negativity, aka, complaining, whining, grumpy, gripy. 4. When you can't get full in other areas. Like eating, drinking, exercising, if you can't seem to get enough of something, anything, it is probably because you are empty spiritually.

If I tried to post all the good stuff she laid out for us, I would be here for 8 hours, writing a transcript. I recommend a conference anytime she is in your area.


Vintage Mommy said...

We missed you last week (and today), but I'm glad this trip was such a blessing to you.

The Keevy Family said...

I just have to say.... I love following your blog. I'm so glad I I just have to say...I love following your blog! I'm glad I found you again. I have not done a Beth Moore study yet, but I keep hearing good things. Those are good reminders, thanks!
By the way, definately check back on my blog for coupon ideas coming soon. I am half way through of a month of trial runs with them and I plan to give an update on my savings.
Ah... One other thing. I like your idea about Friday fun day. Do you have a post you can link me to with your ideas for the jar? My kids would love this with school late start.

Carrie said...

Girl, you need to get further into MT! Billings is in the flatlands! Seriously!

p.s. Have I told you my nephews live in Spokane? That's where you're at, right?