What do George Bush, Barack Obama and Jay Leno have in common?

You thought it was the start of a great joke, didn't you!? But no, they were all in my dream last night. Jay Leno and I were washing our hands together in the bathroom, and he invited me to meet the other two men for dinner. We rode in a limo with Obama and his wife to some packed restaurant, where we had to climb over a ledge to meet President Bush. Then the Prez and I ordered chicken strips and beer. Obama had sushi and wine. Weird, I know. In reality I just thought that would be a super catchy title for a blog post and had to do it!

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Brandy's Adventure said...

Thanks for checking in on me! I am doing great. I finally blogged today. This title caught my eyes! Too funny. I have crazy dreams all the time, but not with anyone famous.
I am jealous of your rain. I sure wish we could get some rain here. We have to wait until November, maybe October, but doubtful. Gotta love California. Today is going to be 105! That is pretty hot, so no heater for us just yet.
Hope you keep busy inside today!