Spin the bottle

It is cold and rainy outside again today. We have had to turn our heater on at night, otherwise the house gets too cold! It is AUGUST, although it feels like May. I got this rainy day idea here. It is spin the bottle, pre-school friendly! The kids took turns spinning the bottle and where ever it landed was the book we read. They liked this, I liked this, you will too.

On the bright side, we haven't had to spend our days moving sprinklers around and watering the garden, the rain has done our grass and plants good!


Anonymous said...

FUN!-- we have played this too. Somehow my daughter always gets mesmerized by the spinning bottle and forgets about the books. :o}

~Cheevers Family~ said...

This is too cute. I can't wait to try it. However I think I'll need a new name. Kids going home saying they played spin the bottle at Ms. Lena's might raise some eyebrows. (hahah) Thanks for the idea!!!