Happy Birthday Haley!

Haley was so tiny when she was born, only 5lbs and 5 oz, because she was about 5 weeks early. But in the NICU they called her "the moose" because the next biggest baby was just over a pound. That had us counting our blessings!

This is one of my favorite pictures of her, she is about 18 months and had a grand time playing in the mud. It was so funny, I got some of it on video. She was covered head to toe, and she had been eating it when I found her!

And here she is now, four years old. I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone by. I was terrified of having a little girl, I wasn't sure I could relate and form a good relationship. I still struggle, but pray A LOT, and we are making it just fine. In this picture she is posing, "so she can be beautiful!"

Things I love about Haley:
1. She is absolutely the best at sharing, hands down, in the whole world!(generous heart)
2. She is so easy going, and has a great attitude about everything, doesn't throw fits when it isn't her way.(contented heart)
3. She is sooooo girly, I don't know where she gets it, but it is just hilarious sometimes how girly she is. She loves everything pink, everything sparkly, shoes, dresses, hairdos, barrettes, bows, dress-up, princesses, babies, pink, sparkly, and did I mention pink and sparkly?
4. She writes her name backwards.
5. She gets excited when we "do school"
6. She is squirly, wiggly, and giggly all the time. (okay, I don't ALWAYS love this, but most of the time it is pretty endearing, and we are practicing "self-control" for those times when it isn't okay to be so squirly, wiggly and giggly)

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