I can't fly kites...

Seriously, I can't. Someone else can even get it started for me, and as soon as I touch the string...nosedive...everytime.

This is the alternative, balloon kites! Filled with helium, streamers attached and super loooooooong strings.

We took these to the park last night and it was good fun. Mikey's balloon popped before we even got there. Haley's streamer fell off about 2 seconds into the "flying." Haley and Jeremiah got tangled up, resulting in Jeremiah's balloon deflating, resulting in lots of tears. I gave my balloon to Mikey, and Michael's balloon held up pretty well, but he just laid on his back and watched it float. At the end we took the three remaining balloons and let them go. Haley wasn't fond of the idea and said several times "bye bye balloons, we will miss you so much"

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