Fabric covered hangers

**Edited to say**
How about putting these in baby shower gifts?! Thanks for the idea Modgirl!

Haley's dress up clothes were out of control, they were always crumpled up in little balls on the floor, getting stepped on, and just torn up in general. So I had this grand idea to install the curtain rod on the wall and hang the dresses up on pretty hangers. Do you have any idea how much pretty hangers cost?! A LOT! The alternative was to make my own, and although they aren't padded and silky, they turned out just great for what I wanted.

I chose three coordinating fabrics and cut them into 1/2 inch strips, and they are about 12 inches long. I bought the cheapest hangers I could find, and some super-glue. If you can find hangers without the shoulder-strap holders, that would be even better.

Tie the strips together until it looks long enough, you can always add more or cut some off at the end.

Also, that little thing in the middle needs to go, otherwise when you are wrapping the fabric it looks really sloppy and is hard to finish it off at the end. I won't tell you that I cut it off with a box cutter, because if I did, and you got hurt, you might sue me. So you will have to come up with your own, very safe way of getting rid of that thing.

Put a little drop of super-glue here.

Glue one end of your fabric strips to the end of the hanger. (DO NOT pinch the fabric to the hanger with your fingers, super-glue can heat up when you are gluing on fabric and burn you! Isn't that amazing, it says it on the bottle, and I have a scar to prove it!)

Just keep wrapping and wrapping and wrapping, it didn't take that long, probably a couple of minutes per hanger.

When you are all done, put another drop of super-glue here, do one last wrap and glue the fabric back to itself and trim off the extra. This also produces quite a few of those little stringy things from the unfinished edges and you will need to trim those as well.

The finished product could be dressed up quite a bit more, but I wanted the colors to be the standout feature on these.

I have much bigger plans for this corner, and will be posting pictures of the whole wall again soon. Yet another project on my list. I am going to paint the curtain rod pink. And I am working on some silhouettes of the kids for their walls, which will also go here. I have seen those vinyl wall stickers everywhere lately, and I could totally do something here with those...


Jodie Allen said...

i love the curtain rod idea! i would never have the patience for the hangers though! :)

The Ballinger Family said...

Cute idea. I like having the dresses out like that.
Cute. I have 3 kids 2 boys (13 & 14) 1 girl (10). We have been homeschooling for 7 years. Wow...has it been that long ;o}

Melissa said...

How super cute! I love it! As a matter of fact I think I might do it too! Great idea! did you come up with that one on your own?

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

That is a great idea!!

Jennifer C said...

OMG...it's been so long since I have seen something like this. My great grandmother used to make hangers similar to these all the time.

Mod Girl said...

I love your hangers! I wonder... could you use ribbon instead of fabric strips? I just might try it? I've got oodles of ribbon.