1,000 hits!

My blog should reach 1,000 hits today! Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, where the black and white counter is, and see if it is you and leave me a comment! I know lots of friends and family, without Blogger accounts read this, and you can leave an anonymous comment, just put your name in the text part!


Jodie Allen said...

IT'S ME! Actually, I was 999 so I opened a new window so it could be me! :)

Happy 1,000!

Joanne said...

How exciting 1000 hits already - You know I love reading your blog - it's great!

Brandy's Adventure said...

I am 1006! That is so cool that you have so many people reading your blog!
I know more people read my blog than comment, but I blog just for me anyway. I like to journal and look back and see where I came from and how far I have grown in so many ways.
I love reading your blog! Thanks for the sweet comments on mine.

Anonymous said...

I'm 1010! Congratulations.

Love, Chris

Amy said...

Well, shucks!! I am 1016.

You have a great blog-- it will soon be 2000!