I want YOU...to start a blog!

Top 10 reasons to start a blog:

1. Keep friends and family up-to-date
2. Codify your thoughts
3. Get some feedback on projects
4. To learn something new, blogging is an easy way to get more computer savvy
5. So other people can learn new things from you
6. If you are a teacher, have a business, or a ministry you should have a blog to connect with parents, students, customers and those you care for.
7. It is so much fun
8. It is FREE!
9. Get to know new people
10. To remember things later, it is called "Web Log" for a reason.
11. You could make some money( I am not sure how, so don't ask me, but you could google it!)
12. Writing practice
13. Anyone can blog, why not you?
14. Yes, I know this is more than 10 reasons, there is a point there!

Top 10 excuses you will use and not start a blog:

1. "I don't know how to write."
2. "I don't have time."
3. "No one wants to read what I write."
4. "I don't know anything about computers."
5. "I don't want to commit to something else."
6. "Some lunatic might figure out where I live and steal my stuff."
7. Yes, I know there aren't 10 excuses here, get the picture?! (and they are all really lame!)


The Ballinger Family said...

It is fun isn't it? I never would have thought (ha) that I would be blogging....Thanks to Amy!

Brandy's Adventure said...

I love blogging as well. It gives me an outlet to vent my true feelings, especially now while my husband is gone.
I think anyone can start a blog too. I am a good example of that because I am not that great of a writer.

The Ballinger Family said...

About your question with the font..when I downloaded it, it was in layers. I just put what I wanted on the background layer. That simple. Cutest blogs on the block have some really nice templates....that's where I got it.

The Keevy Family said...

You are right on! I wish ALL of my family and friends were bloggers, (although some of them are already) I am thinking of doing a challenge on my blog to find new bloggers in my circle of friends, Can I use a link to your blog in my "challenge post" so that they can read this post?