Family Friday!

Late last week we had some friends visit from out of town. And I would show you this really great picture of all 7 of our kids together, but it was on the camera that leaped from my pocket at the lake. Anyway, it was great to see the Jones' family, we miss having them in our neck of the woods.

Then there was Haley's birthday party at Clear Lake. I think it was a hit, we had BBQ for lunch and then just played the day away at the lake. Again, I would show you some photos, but.........

I cannot believe my little girl is four years old. You can see from the photo that four years old also comes with attitude.

There was the airshow, I already posted photos of the Blue Angels, and they were awesome. BUT there was the new F22, sorry Blue Angels, but you got outdone. That airplane can do things that airplanes shouldn't be able to do. My husband tried to explain exactly how and why this plane can flip like a pancake, front to back, but it was way over my head. A. maze. ing.

The three older kids went to Kennewick from Saturday until Wednesday. It was a nice long break, but it is quiet and boring around here without them! I spent all day on Tuesday shopping! It was terrific and I got all the little things I needed to finish up some of my projects.

We had our 8th anniversary, terrific! And the next day we went to pick the kids up from Papa and Grammy's house. We spent the day with Michael's sisters and the cousins. His oldest sister is in town from Houston with her girls. And Michael's aunt came to see Ella.

Michael was awarded with NCO of the Quarter this week. This is the 7th time he has gotten the award in 4 years. And as usual we are so proud of him.

And of course, we got a new camera. It is the same model, just the newest version. Thank you to my husband, who gave up buying things for his Jeep project for me to have a new camera. Now that is LOVE!


Brandy's Adventure said...

Boy do I know all about that four year old attitude! My daughter started hers at 2!
Congrats on your anniversary and to your husband for wining NCO of the Quarter award. That is awesome he has won it so many times.
We are having an airshow here at the end of August and I can't wait to start seeing all the planes roll in. We live right here on base, so it will be awesome to see everything that goes on.
Glad you got a new camera! Your kids are adorable.

Positively Creative! said...

Just found your blog, and love all your neat little ideas and crafts!

The Ballinger Family said...

Congrats on the new camera.....it makes me sick not to have one.
Oh, yeah...just wait til they are teenagers....now that's attitude! :o}