My cool apron

Each month I go to a cook night at a local church, you prepare between 5-20 meals and then bring them home to put in the freezer. It is quite a production for the gals who run it, but for the rest of us, it is such a huge time and money saver!

Last month I was admiring an apron that another gal was wearing. She said it was super easy to make, even for a beginner sewer. (is sewer a word?) And she was right! I got the pattern, chose some fabric and sewed it right up! It would've taken me about an hour, except the tension on my bobbin was messed up and I ended up having to rip out almost every seam at least once!

The pattern is called "Four Corners Apron" by Vanilla House Designs, you should try it!

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Melissa said...

That is sooo cute! I want one! I have to get my sewing machine fixed first and then figure out how to use it! Do you go to the class from MOPS on the freezer cooking?