We talked to Dave Ramsey, we talked todaveramsey, WETALKEDTODAVERAMSEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!

Okay, not we, but Michael, got to talk to Dave on the phone today! It has been my dream to talk to DR, or see him live, since we got started on our Total Money Makeover. With his impending decision to get out or stay in the Air Force, Michael thought he would just talk it over with DR. So we dialed and dialed and dialed, once we got through Michael had to be screened and then sat on hold for almost an hour for his turn. But it was so worth it!!

If you want to hear the clip I can email it to you, I don't know how to post it on here, maybe someday I will figure that one out.


Jodie Allen said...

I'm an idiot and have no idea who that is! But if it has to do with money advice I'm all for it! Please share!

Angie said...

I was just reading a column in a little paper and he is so wise. I would love to hear the clip.

Ben and Sarah said...

We loved it and thank you for sending it to us! It was so fun to hear someone we know on Dave's show!!!