Family Friday!

First up this week, is our new nephew. Isn't he sweet?! This little boy was brought to us by Michael's twin sister who lives in Kansas. Even though she is far away we hope to see him ASAP!

Jeremiah is at that age where one minute he is super cute, and obedient. And the next minute he is getting into something he shouldn't be.

Mikey went to get his pajamas on tonight, and thought he could keep his feet warmer by putting on every pair of socks in his sock drawer! Not kidding, he put on 8 pairs! The other picture is him worn out from VBS this week. The kid hasn't taken a nap in about 6 months, so when he fell asleep on the couch we were kind of surprised!

Sorry, no pics of Haley and Ella this week. Maybe we will do a special feature of just them sometime soon!

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Melissa said...

I miss being able to do VBS this year! The pics are super cute!