Letter to me

This was an idea from one of my daily-read blogs, To Love, Honor and Vacuum. The idea is to write a letter to yourself at age 17 and tell yourself what you know now, that you wish you knew then. It comes from a new Brad Paisley song, which I will head over to Itunes and find sometime today. I have been contemplating this since I read it in her blog yesterday and here is what I would say:

Listen to your sister and brother about things like stupid boys and credit cards, they have been there, done that. They are just trying to help.

You need to shut your mouth and be respectful to your mother, believe it or not someday you will have FOUR children, and you won't want them to treat you the way you treat your mama.

Stop speeding, insurance isn't cheap, and it doesn't get cheaper until you stop driving like you are on the autobahn.

You will figure the rest out in due time, but don't worry, by the grace of God, your life turns out better than you ever imagined!


Sheila said...

Hi there! I like the part of being respectful to your mother!

And did you get into a lot of car accidents, by the way?....

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Jodie Allen said...

welcome to blogland! so glad you're here!

Crockpot Lady said...

what a great idea!

Dear 17-year-old Steph:

Be nicer to Adam. he's a good guy and you're going to marry him. Stop testing him---he's a keeper.

welcome to the blogosphere!


Ben and Sarah said...

Christian, welcome to the blogging world! We would love it if you used us as a place to go, may we do the same with you?