Ahhhhhh, nap time.

I love naptime. I can actually hear myself think for the first time all day when naptime rolls around! Lovely.

I want to spread the word about a cool website that my sister turned me onto. It is called Design-Her Gals. You actually create women online to look like your friends and family, then you can print them onto stationery, notecards, etc. They make terrific gifts and even something fun for yourself.

There are two options, you can pay for their services, and let them print the gals you create. Prices vary depending on what you choose to print on, like stationery, notecards, post-its, etc. Or you can pay a yearly subscription fee and then print at home all you want to for a full year. In the end it works out to be a very inexpensive gift option! I know what all the girls in my life are getting for their birthdays over the next year!!

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Kristin said...

Nap time is necessary recovery time for me! In fact, I'm regaining my sanity as I type this! I'm excited for you and your new blog; it is a great way to connect with people. And about linking, I would be flattered for you to include me! Thanks!