Hello Friends and Family!

My goal, albeit a lofty one, is to post 3-4 times a week, with one of those being an update for family and friends that visit. I have had such a great time checking out other people's blogs, especially the ones I have listed in my sidebar. Please check them out, sometimes they totally inspire me in a new project. Jody at A Mom and Her Camera, has had some really good posts lately, and it is almost like she read my mind about cherishing all your last baby's "firsts," because they are your last "firsts." Wow, say that 10 times fast!

So bookmark my blog, check back often, and leave me some comment love! As for this week's update, here are a few recent pics from our lives.

Ella is almost 4 months old. She is sleeping like a dream at night. She is rolling from her belly to her back now, smiling and giggling!

Jeremiah, playing in the mud. This is a corner of the garden, and will soon be taken over by zuchini plants. The sticks are some stakes that we had put up with string tied around them to keep the kids out!

Mikey and Haley are doing swimming lessons this summer, they are having so much fun. We decided to sign them up for swimming lessons all summer instead of any other sports this year. It is easier on our schedule, and important to learn. Mikey goes all out every lesson, jumping in, head in the water, goes under the water, does all the strokes, retrieves things from the bottom of the pool. Haley is more cautious and likes to go at her own pace, but she still follows instructions very well and does what they ask her to, just a little more apprehensively. Given that last year she didn't even want to go near the swimming pool by herself, this is an incredible achievement for her!!

These are some pics from Michael's graduation day. We are so proud of him, and wasn't he handsome in his cap and gown? Just what is Mr. College Grad doing with his degree? You can see in the picture below! Michael has had the Jeep for 5 years, and always wanted to do some fixin' up on it. So this year he finally got to it! This is obviously a work in progress, but still, I am impressed by all the stuff he can do. I never knew he could weld and grind and polish and paint?! When he is all done I will post a before and after pic so you can see what he is really doing with it.

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Jodie Allen said...

hey christian! i typed your blog in wrong to my google reader and luckily checked it b/c i couldn't believe you hadn't written in a couple of weeks! so now i get to go read what i've missed... so excited to catch up with your blog tonight!

so glad you understand how hard the "last firsts" can be. everyday i have to remind myself to enjoy these days rather than let the exhaustion take over.

so glad you're blogging...