Nature bracelets

This was so fun, and so simple.The idea came from Family Education.
I haven't perused too much on their site, but so far I am lovin' their preschool ideas. All you need is masking tape and scissors, and really the scissors could be optional.

Cut a length of tape long enough for each wrist and wrap it around, sticky side out.

Go for a walk, and let them stick "nature things" to their bracelets. My sweet Haley-pie thinks that dandelions are the prettiest flowers, so you will notice the abundance of those on hers. And they are in reach of all the kids, and they can spot the little yellow beauties all the way across the park in the green grass, so I guess all three of them had an abundance of them. We also found some dandelion fluff, leaves from all different tress, dead leaves, more weeds, other flowers, sticks, stones, pine cones, bird seed...

When you are all done, cut them off and display those magnificient findings, because your kids will be so proud of them! At least mine are!


Anonymous said...

I love these two pics together. They will make a very cute scrap page~

Jodie Allen said...

i love love love this idea! totally stealing it!