Hard to believe that sweet little preemie is now 7-years old! I have had the opportunity to reflect on the circumstances surrounding Haley's birth lately, and it really didn't occur me until now that God spared us from a very hard road. He orchestrated every circumstance so that we would be safe at the hospital long before the problems that occurred could turn into major difficulties. I am thankful that He did that for us, that He spared us from those difficulties and I am prayerful for a family who is giving Him the glory in just the opposite way, He is allowing them to walk through the difficulties, but He is with them every step of the way. Praise God for the plans He has for each family and that He never leaves us alone.
So, she is 7, and beautiful inside and out. She giggles and is joyful no matter the circumstance. She is a glass-is-half-full kind of girl (which doesn't come from me!). I will share something she said recently that made me giggle and made me thankful all at the same time.

After listening to an "Adventures in Odyssey" program about a little girl who thinks she has to be beautiful to amount to anything, Haley said "I used to think that I was going to go to Heaven just because I was beautiful. But now I know that you have to have Jesus as your Savior to get there when you die." I am thankful that she knows, that God didn't let her get away with believing she was beautiful enough to get to Heaven on her own, that she carries His joy around with her always, and that she shares her giggles with me once in a while! And I am mostly thankful that she is beautiful, but hope she gets to that "awkward stage" really soon, and stays that way until she is thirty or so!

You can believe this or not...I know it is difficult to imagine, but she has also changed her favorite color from pink to blue?!


LeRoyFam said...

I had no idea she was a preemie! I guess I need to get to know you better :) That makes me giggle too, what a sweet thought, I love it!

Sarahendipity said...

{tears} We love her here at our house. ☺ Thank you for sharing her story...makes me smile inside and out too.