Family Friday

I'd love to tell you that this is a new beginning for me and my blog, that this post will be the revival of all regular blogging on my part, because I really do enjoy it, but it probably won't be. I've been feeling very incompetent when it comes to writing, realizing more and more my ignorance of my native tongue and don't want to continue to embarrass myself with poor grammar. (For my Classical Conversations friends, you know what I'm talking about, right? I keep feeling like I need to go through Essentials before I can show my face on the blog again! HA!)

My craftiness has been limited to sewing lately, and maybe I will post a few of those things, but I haven't had any new epiphanies to share, only recycling ideas that I find all over the web. I did find a new site called Pinterest, if you haven't checked it out...you MUST DO IT NOW! It is an online PIN board for all those ideas that catch your INTEREST, get it, Pinterest? I have been organizing all my crafty bookmarks onto my Pinterest page and loving it. People use it to plan weddings, to organize their remodel projects, to categorize just about anything you could imagine.

Time is not on my side. Don't ask me how I had more time to blog when Ella was just a babe, because I cannot explain it. In reality I think I was just more willing to ignore the chores that should have been done instead. School has intensified a little bit for us and I am anticipating it ramping up even more in the next couple of years. Maybe that is why?

Anyway, I don't want to quit blogging, I like it. My momma said she felt disconnected so I thought I would jump on here and share a few pics for her. Then I realized it was Friday and I could do a Family Friday post...for old time's sake!

You can click on any of the photos to enlarge them.

A long time ago in a kingdom far, far, away we went to a wedding. I was a bridesmaid for Melanie, and got to spend much time with some of my favorite girls on the planet! I made Haley's dress and if I do say so myself...she and Mikey were a great addition to the wedding party! Then we decorated the get-away car with post-it notes which we thought was hilarious!!

We've done a fair amount of hiking this summer. This picture of Ella is from Zintel Canyon here in Kennewick. Unfortunately it was the last time the binoculars worked. The next time I tried to use them one of the lenses had fallen out...bummer...no birding for a while. At least none more than 10 feet away!

Then we went to a Memorial Day Picnic that our church put on and tried our hand (well, really our feet) at all the fun games. I wish I had a picture of the river normally and a picture of how high and fast it was running on this day, it was unbelievable and a little bit scary with Ms. Ella running around. The weather was beautiful all day, just for the picnic, because as soon as it was over and we all made it home, the clouds and rain and wind began again.

We had an AWESOME field trip with our CC group up to Palouse Falls. Mark Finkbeiner, from our local Creation Science Club and Founder of the traveling Creation Science Museum was our host and explained how so many of the geological features actually point to the truth in Noah's Flood rather than evolution. It was fantastic, he even showed us some petrified wood that went through more than one layer of the basalt columns.

Washington State hosts a free fishing weekend each year, and Michael's Uncle Tony (middle collage, right side) invited the whole family to come to Dayton WA, and enjoy it with him. I think every one caught their limit in Rainbow Trout and brought home over 70 fish! Uncle Gary (affectionately known as Uncle Bobo, middle collage, left side) and Uncle Tony gave everyone a quick reminder lesson in how to clean the fish, which is what prompted the HILARIOUS faces that Mikey and Jeremiah are making in the bottom photos. When we said "clean the fish" they were probably thinking "give them a bath" not, "cut their heads off and rip their guts out!" Mikey couldn't do it this year, but we'll try again next year!

That catches us up to June as far as summer pictures go! Maybe next Friday we'll do another installment?

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Sarahendipity said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, a blog entry from you!!! I LOVED it. I hear you on the grammar and learn my own language bit. I struggle with it, constantly. I think that blogging regularly helps me stay on top of it. I am using it more often by typing it out everyday and see what I did wrong or right. See, that was totally a run-on. ;) I am looking forward to the next one!