Do you see it? It is still there, that twinkle in his eye! In the last few months Jeremiah, who we call "Beans" has been growing by leaps and bounds. His speech has gotten clearer, he talks about more big-kid things, and plays better with the older two kiddos. He has gotten more independent, and in so many ways that is a wonderful thing. Although, my heart longs to hold him on my chest, in that scrunched-up, newborn way just one more time.

He was kind of a grumpy baby, not serious like Mikey was, just plain grumpy. I remember wondering what I would do with a cranky kid since I never really had one before him. But he grew out of that before long and then came the twinkle, I can't remember when it came, but it hasn't gone away since. He is just a sweet, funny, happy little guy.

Mr. Beans did develop a temper this last year. We are working on that, one outburst at a time! Even in that God is good, He gives us the patience to deal with it and encourages us with little improvements each day.

Who would've thought? Who would've thought God would give me, of all the mommies in the world, the privilege and the pleasure to raise that little man with the twinkle in his eye? Please God, fill in those gaps that I leave with my imperfect, sinful parenting, raise Jeremiah up to love you, to serve you, to obey you. Please let Jesus be his Savior and his Friend. In His name, Amen.

**For his birthday dinner Jeremiah chose cheeseburgers, french fries and banana splits.**

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